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About Yvonne Cloutier

Yvonne Cloutier, ragtime pianist and author of

Yvonne Cloutier, a former elementary school teacher and principal, was also a Wisconsin-Artist-in-Residence specializing in ragtime music. Ragtime piano has been her passion ever since she can remember.Image of Yvonne Cloutier

Ms. Cloutier was co-founder of the Lake Superior Ragtime Society, Superior, WI. After retirement, she moved to Scottsdale, AZ where she founded the AZ Ragtime Society, later known by another name. While in Scottsdale, she chaired two ragtime/jazz student competitions and judged/performed for one more. At the time, she was a member of the Phoenix Music Teachers Association (PMTA), an affiliate of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

As a MTNA member, she co-founded the Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association (TVMTA,) Temecula, CA, while living there for a short time.

Ms. Cloutier has made many ragtime piano recordings -mostly Scott Joplin rags - Her first ones, cassettes, are out of print. However, she has five CDs entitled: Siempre in Mi Corazone (Always In My Heart); Rag Picker; Something Doing; Hot Tomatoes Sweet Melons; and Itís A Ragtime Kind of Love.

Yvonne is a music reporter for SCA-TV, Henderson, NV and writes a column for The Vegas Voice (a news magazine), Las Vegas, NV. Both are called Musical Moments.

While a teacher, she wrote a music theory curriculum for Title I entitled Learning About Music is a Certain Happiness. She also started an entrepreneurial program for students.

On Sept 27, 2014, Yvonne was inducted into the Superior, Wisconsin School Districtís Academic Hall of Fame.

You may contact her at